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By May 26, 2022October 14th, 2022Glossary - Rolex

Parachrom Hairspring

Patented in 1997, the Parachrom hairspring is developed and manufactured by Rolex from an alloy of niobium, zirconium and oxygen. It has the advantage of being insensitive to magnetic fields, being extremely stable when exposed to temperature fluctuations, as well as remaining up to 10 times more accurate than a traditional hairspring in case of shocks, thereby enhancing the movement’s chronometric performance. A surface treatment, applied since 2005, gives the Parachrom hairspring its blue colour and further improves the regularity of its pulsations over time.


An optimised shock absorber developed and patented by Rolex to protect the movement’s core components against sudden shocks. Compared to standard shock absorbers in watch movements, the Paraflex is up to 50 per cent more robust and resistant, enabling the movement to withstand demanding conditions and shocks, while ensuring uninterrupted chronometric precision.

Perpetual (Rotor)

Self-winding mechanism with a free rotor, developed and patented by Rolex in 1931. It consists of an oscillating weight that rotates in both directions under the impetus of the wearer’s wrist. In doing so, it winds the mainspring, which provides the movement with its source of energy.