The Kee Hing Hung Difference


Founded by the late How Ting Hai in the 1960s, Kee Hing Hung celebrates over 50 years of history and remains trusted by its wide pool of clientele, which includes both local and overseas customers. Because of the team’s dedication, experience and its customer-first policy, it has grown into one of the stalwarts of Singapore’s luxury watch retail scene. In 2023, Kee Hing Hung broke new ground and made the move from People’s Park to 18 Robinson, where it put down roots to a new and bigger boutique.


Kee Hing Hung is proud to be part of the worldwide network of Official Rolex Retailers, authorised to sell and maintain Rolex timepieces. Having been in the watch trade for more than five decades, Kee Hing Hung, with its team of experienced and dedicated staff, is well-versed in horological knowledge as well as the rich heritage of Rolex.


Your horological journey into the world of Rolex starts at Kee Hing Hung. The storied watch retailer boasts an impressive and diverse range of Rolex wristwatches, from Classic watches to Professional collections, presented in a sophisticated and welcoming environment. Stepping into the spacious boutique, every element of the interior design features the elegant Rolex aesthetic and radiates the values of the Rolex crown. Beyond watchmaking perfection, a Rolex speaks of your tastes and beliefs. Like the iconic Oyster—the world’s first waterproof wristwatch—a Rolex watch promises you a piece of history on your wrist that is equal parts prestige, technical excellence and style.


Originally located at Old Park Road, Kee Hing Hung relocated to People’s Park Complex in 1970. The newly-built shopping complex was the largest mall in Singapore then. Located along the iconic Eu Tong Sen Street, Kee Hing Hung firmly planted its roots in the historical neighbourhood of Chinatown and more significantly, cemented its status as a trusted, knowledgeable and respected retailer. In 2023, Kee Hing Hung closed one chapter of its illustrious history to begin penning a new one as it made its debut at 18 Robinson. The brand-new boutique stands at an expansive 2,400 sqft, which is three times bigger than the predecessor. The move was a natural decision for Kee Hung Hung as it stays committed and dedicated in upholding the essence of Rolex.


As an authorised Official Rolex Retailer, Kee Hing Hung features an expansive range of Rolex watches. Whether it’s a lifestyle companion or an instrumental tool, there is a suitable Rolex for everyone.

Staying true to the iconic Rolex aesthetic, a striking emerald aqua wall – its wave motif referencing the iconic Oyster, greets customers as they enter the boutique. Comfortable lighting accentuates the beauty of a wide selection of Rolex models in display cases lined with beige leather with bronze trims. It is this same level of attention to details in both their boutique aesthetic and customer service that has allowed Kee Hing Hung to remain one of the most trusted watch retailers in Singapore all these years.


Since its establishment more than five decades ago, Kee Hing Hung has become synonymous as a horological destination that caters to both the watch collectors and first-time watch buyers. Not only does the boutique make for a conducive environment for watch appreciation, the staff, who are well-versed in the products, story and values of the brand, can offer clients an enriching journey into the world of Rolex. Kee Hing Hung’s team members have fastidiously and continuously upgraded their product knowledge and honed their service standards in order to deliver best-in-class service to any customer that walks through the boutique doors.