The Kee Hing Hung Difference


Humble Beginning


Kee Hing Hung Private Limited had its humble beginnings in the early 60s with its founder, How Ting Hai, settling in a shophouse located along old Park Road, laying the foundation for a successful family business in years to come.


Kee Hing Hung’s official opening ceremony in the early 70’s saw local and overseas guests alike gracing its store, setting the precedent for a long-standing relationship with its customers past and present

grand opening
Impeccable Service


Impeccable service and care for our customers is the hallmark of Kee Hing Hung Private Limited – and our founder, How Ting Hai, was a prime example of this virtue. The sheer amount of dedication shown towards each and every guest from the moment they step through the doors is unparalleled – this remains a longstanding value that we hold dear up till today


First started out as a trading company selling watches to seamen for overseas export, Kee Hing Hung Private Limited eventually moved to Chinatown in the heart of Singapore’s heritage district, People’s Park Complex, in 1970, where it continues to stand today.

Kee Hing Hung Expansion
Kee Hing Hung Showroom


Kee Hing Hung Private Limited offers local and international clientele one of the largest choice of Rolex and Tudor luxury watches in Singapore. In 2001, we expanded our shop space and established ourselves as one of the first few standalone Rolex boutiques in Singapore followed by a standalone Tudor boutique in 2015.