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When Does The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust Become More Than Just A Classic Watch?

Rolex Singapore Lady Datejust m279138rbr 0029

When Does The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust Become More Than Just A Classic Watch?

MARCH 14, 2020

When the 18 ct yellow gold variant of the Lady-Datejust gets set with a copious amount of dazzling diamonds

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust is a timeless icon. The first Lady-Datejust was released as the women’s version of the brand’s emblematic Oyster Perpetual Datejust in 1957. Over the years, its sophistication and functionality gained favour with women the world over as the watchmaker offered it in various sizes to cater to different tastes and needs. In 2015, Rolex debuted the Lady-Datejust in a petite 28mm size—like its predeccesors, it was hugely popular with women, especially those with slender wrists, and many of them liked how the dainty yet versatile watch matched their outfits beautifully.

But have you ever wondered how this classic ticker can shed its timeless look and take on that of a dazzling sparkler? Being the experienced watchmaker that Rolex is, it crafted the exterior of the watch out of 18 ct yellow gold, which is made at its in-house foundry. At Rolex, gold—yellow, white or Everose—is always made with the purest metals and examined using modern technology before the gilded material is formed and shaped. Its quality is consistently monitored in order to maintain a high level.

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This version of the Lady-Datejust comes with a President bracelet, which is also crafted out of 18 ct yellow gold. The prestigious bracelet, which is always made in solid gold or platinum, is often reserved for the key models in Rolex’s stable of watches. To ensure the watch’s high level of aesthetic refinement, the designers at the Genevan watch giant have ensured seamless visual continuity between the bracelet and the case—all thanks to a design ingenuity in the form of a concealed attachment beneath the bezel. Completing the beautiful bracelet is a Crownclasp, which is opened with a hinged Rolex crown—simple, elegant and always impactful.

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Sheer Brilliance
All dials, including that of this Lady-Datejust, are designed and manufactured in-house. The amount of craftsmanship on it, however, surpasses that on regular dials. The entire dial is pave-set with diamonds. While it might seem like a simple process to set dials with diamonds, minor details make the key differences.

For one, Rolex’s gem-setters have to carve the metal by hand to create a placeholder, or otherwise known as a setting, so that each gemstone can fit snugly on the dial. Each setting is also created such that there is breathing—and working—space between each diamond but also designed such that it seems like there is no gap between gemstones. The diamonds are also set such that the gems are of a similar height on the dial with no stone jutting out to upset the perfect harmony. Such is the finesse behind the intricate handiwork of gem-setting a Rolex dial.

But that’s not all. The bezel is also gem-set with diamonds to complement the sparkling dial. Despite the blinding sparkles on the bezel and dial, legibility is never sacrificed. The hour markers in Roman numerals are in blackened 18 ct yellow gold to aid readability. Ditto the hour and minute hands, both of which have additional black streaks as visual guides.

By combining its expertise in gem-setting and eye for aesthetics, Rolex breathes new life into a classic icon, transforming the Lady-Datejust in 18 ct yellow gold into a horological statement packed with flash and glitter.

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Lady Datejust m279138rbr 0029 copy


Oyster, 28 mm, Oystersteel, 18 ct yellow gold

Monobloc middle case, screw-down case back and winding crown

18 ct yellow gold


Screw-down, Twinlock double waterproofness system

Scratch-resistant sapphire, Cyclops lens over the date

Waterproof to 100 metres / 330 feet

2236, Manufacture Rolex

Centre hour, minute and seconds hands; instantaneous date with rapid setting; stop-seconds for precise time setting

President, semi-circular three-piece links

18 ct yellow gold

Concealed folding Crownclasp

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