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5 Of The Best “His & Hers” Tudor Watches For Couples

5 Of The Best “His & Hers” Tudor Watches For Couples

September 25, 2021

These Tudor watch pairings are timely reminders of the affection you have for your Significant Other

Couples have different ways of proclaiming their love or to commemorate an important occasion. Some splurge on a memorable getaway or unique staycation for the memories, while others prefer to do so in a more practical and pragmatic sense, such as acquiring pair watches for each other. To that end, Tudor has a wide assortment of timepieces for every type of couples taking on their horological journey.

TUDOR BB32 36 41 3
TUDOR BB32 36 41 5
The Tudor Black Bay 32/36/41 boasts clean and classic lines, a great choice for the fuss-free couple.

Tudor Black Bay 32/36/41

The Black Bay 32/36/41 models have the perfect combination of traditional aesthetics and contemporary watchmaking. Each creation brings together some 60 years of Tudor divers’ watchmaking heritage and modern elements and aesthetics. All models sport a prominent winding crown as a nod to the famous 7924 reference of 1958 (affectionately known as the “Big Crown”), while its “Snowflake” hands take inspiration from the Tudor watches adopted by the French National Navy in the 1970s.Besides the different sizes, the collection comes in either stainless steel or stainless steel and yellow gold. The former comes with a black, blue, or silver dial, while the latter features a champagne or black dial. There is also a choice of a bracelet, a leather strap with a folding clasp, or a fabric strap—all of which lend the watches a vastly different look and feel.

tudor 1926 2

Tudor 1926
Perfect for the couple who prefers classic designs, the Tudor 1926 is timeless and elegant. Numeral appliques, arrow-shaped hour markers and sword-shaped hands on the slightly domed and delicately embossed dial create an interesting play of light. Variety is also the name of the game for the Tudor 1926 collection. Not only is it available in four sizes—28mm, 36mm, 39mm and 41mm—the collection is offered in either stainless steel or pink gold and stainless steel, and features dials in a choice of silver, opaline and black. For those whose other half prefers a touch of femininity in their accessories, there are also bejewelled versions where the odd-numbered hour markers are set with diamonds.

The Tudor 1926 is a versatile timepiece—each variation boasts a different look and feel, a great choice for the couple with differing tastes.
TudorRoyal 28mm 4
0023 TUDOR 2019 S24 VIRGILE 41mmLIFE 5 ok.png
A match made in horological heaven is pairing a 41 mm Tudor Royal fitted with a blue dial together with a dainty 34 mm stainless steel and yellow gold one that features a mother-of-pearl dial 

Tudor Royal
The “Royal” moniker was first coined by Tudor in the 1950s to emphasise the superior quality of its watches. A tribute to that heritage, The Tudor Royal collection offers a range of automatic sport-chic watches with both contemporary aesthetics and uncompromising quality. One of the most distinctive features of the collection is the notched bezel with its alternating surface polish and cut grooves, while its integrated “five-link” metal bracelet ensures comfort on the wrist. The Royal collection comes in stainless steel or gold and stainless steel, and is offered in four sizes—28, 34, 38 and 41mm. A stunning selection for your better half is the Tudor Royal in 34mm, featuring a sophisticated gem-set mother-of-pearl dial.

tudor glamour double date 10
tudor glamour 2 glamour v2
With its versatility and elegance, the 42mm Glamour Double Date and 31mm Tudor Glamour Date are lovely watches to add to your collection.

Tudor Glamour
Classic retro-chic watches have always been Tudor’s forte—case in point: the Glamour. The collection offers elegance and sophistication alongside a broad range of dial, material and bracelet options. The double bezel features a slight drop which subtly accentuates the refined curves of its polished steel case. Both the Glamour Date and Glamour Double Date come in various combinations and looks. From dressy to smart-casual, this is the perfect watch model for the discerning couple.

TUDOR Black Bay Chrono 1
The new Tudor Black Bay Chrono offers a choice of two dial options with contrasting sub-counters and three bracelet designs such as the steel bracelet and black leather strap.

Tudor Black Bay Chrono
One of the most highly anticipated releases for the year, the new Tudor Black Bay Chrono model features a reworked case and two dial options with contrasting sub-counters—white dial with black counters, and black dial with white counters. This launch is to fete 50 years of the first Tudor chronograph, which explains why the new versions stay faithful to the original aesthetics. Key elements of the Black Bay family are preserved in a 41 mm stainless steel case, while a fixed stainless steel bezel with a tachymetric scale insert in black or white anodised aluminium completes the look. We recommend the sporty couple to go for the steel bracelet version or even the variant with a white or black dial accompanied by a black leather strap with a removable bund—interchange to wear for different occasions and have some fun!

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