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Tudor Dresses Its Black Bay Fifty-Eight Watches In 18 Ct Gold And 925 Silver

Tudor Dresses Its Black Bay Fifty-Eight Watches In 18 Ct Gold And 925 Silver

October 16, 2021

The Swiss watchmaker breaks new ground with Black Bay Fifty-Eight watches in precious metals

Tudor has built its reputation on creating utilitarian and rugged watches for the boldest adventurers. In a surprising twist, the brand introduced new versions of its popular Black Bay Fifty-Eight model in precious metals, blurring the lines between functional utility and pure luxury. With the brand’s penchant for pushing the envelope, the new Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight models come in 18 ct yellow gold and 925 silver.

Crafted out of 18 ct yellow gold, the case of the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K is satin-finished, a finishing treatment seldom used on gold watches. (Photos: Tudor)

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K
True to the brand’s #BornToDare spirit, the highly popular Black Bay Fifty-Eight now comes in a solid 18 ct yellow gold case with an open back case—both a first in a Tudor diver’s watch.

Going against the normal conventions of the ubiquitous gold watch, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K features a gold case entirely satin-finished for a matte effect. This treatment lends the watch a neo-vintage appeal, which is in line with the general aesthetic direction of Tudor. Gold watches are on trend, and this offering from Tudor hits all the right notes. A striking colourway, the rich golden green tones of its bezel and dial complements its matte gold case perfectly. Paired beautifully with the gold case and bezel are the “Snowflake” hands and applied hour markers also in solid gold—another first for the brand.

Its open case back is another first for Tudor dive watches—an aesthetic choice that allows for a glimpse into the heart of the timepiece, the Manufacture Calibre MT5400. The movement’s rotor in tungsten monobloc is open-worked and satin-brushed with sand-blasted details, while its bridges and mainplate boast alternate sand-blasted and polished surfaces as well as laser decorations—typical finishing standards of Tudor Manufacture Calibres but little known to the general public. Robust, reliable and precise, the movement is certified as a chronometer by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) but its impressive performance surpasses the institute’s standards. With an impressive 70-hour power reserve, the movement is known to be “weekend-proof”; wearers can take the watch off on a Friday evening yet have it still ticking away on Monday morning.

One of the first to offer fabric straps with its products in 2010, it was logical for Tudor to equip the exclusive Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K with one, alongside a dark brown alligator strap.
M79018V 0002 green fabric green FF

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925
Like the Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K, this is also an entirely unique and striking version of the popular model added to Tudor’s stable. Here, the use of “925” in the Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925 refers to the silver alloy used, the composition of which is a closely guarded brand secret. Featuring a sterling silver case entirely satin-finished for a matte effect, the timepiece possesses an unexpected incandescent brilliance. Its taupe dial and bezel accentuates the silver components, making it an understated yet stunning timepiece. Compared to the Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K, which looks warmer, this combination of silver and taupe lends the watch a cooler look, perfect for the man about town.

The Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925 also features an open case back, where the beauty of its Manufacture Calibre MT5400 can be appreciated in its full glory. In accordance to the high watchmaking standards at Tudor, both Black Bay Fifty-Eight watches are equipped with five-year transferable guarantees that require no registration or periodic maintenance checks. The Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925 comes with either a hybrid brown calf and rubber strap or a grey fabric strap with a 925 silver buckle.

With its taupe dial and silver case as well as brown leather strap, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925 is an all-rounder: the perfect weekend watch that is also suitable for the work day.
Watch lovers can choose either the Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925 with a brown leather strap or a taupe fabric strap, which is a signature look for the brand.

A cross between the tool watches Tudor is famed for and luxurious and precious accoutrements, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K and Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925 are rare collectibles that horological fans should not miss out on. They also highlight the watchmaker’s strong expertise in material innovation as well as the brand’s keen eye for colours and aesthetics.

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